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Climate Security Use Cases

What kinds of answers can CliDaaS provide?

Work on what is CliDaaS today started back in 2007.  From the beginning, it was designed to provide climate security answers, risk predictions, and give decision-makers an unprecedented level of access to data and information not available anywhere else.  Only recently has this capability been available to non-government persons.  

Here are a few recent climate security use cases.  These represent a very small subset of CliDaaS use cases.  With volume of available datasets within CliDaaS, it is capable of producing millions of decision-making products across the global economy, governments and NGOs.  

A North American Hurricane Use Case:

Use Case:  Understand the vast difference in hurricane risk to the U.S. East Coast during La Nina events as compared with El Nino events.  

A Public Health Use Case:

Use Case:  Compare conditions that lead to dengue fever outbreak conditions in Singapore with those leading up to the recent dengue fever outbreak (2024).  Specifically, did increased early season rainfall followed by high temperatures exist?

Identifying a Long-term Climate Change Signal:

Use Case:  Show by quantity and location where average rainfall in May decreased by 25% during 2010-2018 as compared to 2002-2010

An Extreme Heat Use Case:

Use Case:  When comparing 2022 and 2002, show the areas where the number of days exceeding 113F increased and decreased.  Note in the image below the number extreme heat days appears to move poleward (red areas), while for much of the globe.  The numbers of days exceeding 113F decreased in the equatorward direction.  

Tornado (extreme weather) Use Case:

Use Case:  Understand what happens with the placement and tracks of tornados in the Southeast United States from El Nino to La Nina events.

Hail Events (extreme weather) Use Case:

Use Case:  Understand how we can expect El Nino and La Nina events impact how hail event frequency and severity in the Southern United States.

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