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What is CliDaaS

Climate data as a service, takes complex climate data from various sources and translates it into impacts for planning better response, human centric prediction and climate security for cities, regions and industries.

Recent Product Videos

Who uses CliDaas?

Decision-makers, investors, emergency managers across economic sectors, governments across the globe

What kind of data?


Risk Assessments

See how your exposure to extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes, tornados, hail, extreme heat and cold, will change over the next several seasons.


Impact Predictions

Understand how periods of enhanced risk of extreme weather phenomena impact humans, animals and business.  Tailor impact assessment for your informational needs.


Climate Security Facts

Gain an understanding of how upcoming or historical changes in the global atmosphere impact our lives.  No more assumptions or guessing.  Use hard science facts for decision-making.


System Integration

Do you have a product that would benefit from extended weather risk information 1-12 months in advance?  We can provide that information and your customer will love you for it!


Roll Your Own Solution

Data is available via API calls or use our code platform to create your own apps or solutions.  This supports AI-driven development using state-of-the-science datasets and methods to support advanced solutions.


Expert Analysis

We won't leave you struggling.  We have experts to assist you with the most complex climate security challenge.  We have pushed this area of science forward and we can help you with your challenge.

How do you do this?

Get to Know Us

We are Clear Science, Inc. and we've created climate security and forecasting assets for the U.S. Federal Government since 2003.  Our flagship technology* is now available to you.

*Advanced Climate Analysis and Forecasting - Decision Support System (ACAF-DSS)

CliDaas is expanding to serve with wider global economy and common good

CliDaaS Current and In-progress Product Suite

Climate security and prediction UI and answer engine, Click for a demo.

Advanced Climate Analysis and Forecasting - Decision Support System (ACAF-DSS)

Hurricane risk analysis tool for North America. Click for a demo

Targeted Environmental Risk Analysis System - Tropical Cyclone

Data-connected code interface for experimentation, data science, ML and AI.  Find out more

General 6-month risk/impact predictions based on geographic regions

Custom solutions to provide a competitive advantage or answer specific questions

Resellers, Integrators, Data Service Providers, Entrepreneurs and others....  

Would your clients/customers, existing and future, benefit by being better prepared for extreme weather, or a better understanding of their changing environment?  You may be the bridge to fundamentally change how business is done within your sector of the economy. 

Clients and Partners

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